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The municipality of Venaus belongs to: Region Piemonte - Metropolitan city of Torino

Itinerary n.10 - Mount Giusalet (3313 mt.)

Name Description
Time travel 3h
It s a big and wide mountain, rocky on its southern ridge and covered by the Bard glacier on the northern one. Together with the neighbouring Della Vecchia and Bard peaks, it constitutes a great massif which, bounded by the deep Clapier and Giasset passes, has a trapezoid shape.
On the north-western peak, at 3292 m a.s.l., a new summit stands out forming, north-north-east, the Bard peak. The name Ciusalet probably comes from the Piedmontese word "ciusa" (i.e. closing/closure).
In the local dialect, on all the maps and on the new French maps it is wrongly named Giusalet. In the French alpine literature it is called Signal de Clery. The peak can be reached from several tracks and it offers the hikers a beautiful panorama of the neighbouring Vanoise.
Entrance A:
From the refuge Avanzà take the well marked track and climb north-westwards until you reach the lake Della Vecchia (2679 m a.s.l. - at the border between Italy and France, 0.20 hrs).
Walk along the left side of the lake and continue climbing following the tracks on the vast slope covered in debris until you reach the south-south-eastern peak. After having enjoyed the panorama of the deep and wide Savine valley, take climbing again keeping right until you reach first a crag and then the cross on the summit.
Entrance B:
From the refuge Avanzà walk along the mule track which climbs to the summit of the Avanzà Pass. The first part of the track is on the same side of the refuge.
It then continues along the border between Italy and France, crosses the dry side of the Clarea Valley - which is often subject to landslides until it reaches the ruins of Baraccamento Clapier (2885 m a.s.l.) (former Nicolay barracs) and, from there, the military ruins of the Trinceramenti Pass (2889 m a.s.l.).
Then, on a track covered in debris on the side of the Savine valley, turn left around the Della Vecchia peak until you reach the homonymous pass (2982 m a.s.1).
From the Della Vecchia Pass walk along the jagged ridge and climb the sharp projections of rock. On the top the ridge becomes flat, the route meets the one coming up from the lake Della Vecchia and together they reach the summit.